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Video Interviewing: the More Efficient Way to Hire

There's a clear discrepancy between how companies find perfect prospects and how modern candidates respond to the hiring process in today's economy, which is centered on rapid satisfaction. Hiring methods haven't kept pace with the labor market, and candidates are still disappointed after waiting one, three, or even six months to hear back about an interview. How can organizations reach out to today's tech-savvy generation? It might be as simple as changing the employment process!


The Outdated Process

The cookie-cutter approach to hiring no longer works in today's market due to the diverse and unique nature of occupations. Administrative assistants and graphic designers, for example, provide a unique set of skills to a company, and recruitment methods should specifically target those skills. Hiring managers can make efficient use of contemporary technology once a company identifies who they need on their staff.


The More Efficient Process

Hiring managers can use public data to find employees who fit their company's requirements. Putting more time and resources into scouring massive data for information helps excellent candidates to come to the top, while bad files may be filed away. In addition, social media continues to play an important part in the employment process and should be considered a key source for modern recruitment.


The Path to Success

Without the appropriate people and tools, it's impossible to construct a successful company. HR staff can substantially speed up and streamline the process with today's solutions. Companies must devote more time to educating their HR staff on modern technologies, from the use of mobile devices to sophisticated applicant tracking systems, in order to reduce the time and expense of the recruiting process.

The current or standard interview procedure wreaks more havoc than any other part of the hiring process. Investing in a thorough digital interview platform is one of the finest methods to reduce the time of the hiring process. These platforms not only allow for virtual first interviews, but they also allow interviewers to spend less time and money on the actual interviews.

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