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"Doing your homework" on a company

How do you properly research a company before sitting down for an interview?

Corporate Website

Start by reading their corporate website. Pay attention to their current events, their mission statement, their plans for the future of their company, and write these things down for memory. Most companies include an "About Us" tab, so make things easier on yourself and read through it all.

Social Media

In today's day and age, most companies have a social media account on at least one platform, and this can sometimes be even more informative than their website. Through browsing their socials you can discover their brand look, popularity, and the kind of audience the company attracts/caters to through their following. Social posts usually give you an idea of the company's vibe and attention to outward appearance.

Scope out the competition.

If there is another company with a similar goal to the company you are applying for, check out their latest updates and familiarize yourself with them as well. This will help you better understand the specific goals and aspects of the company that set it apart from other companies. It will also give you a better idea of where that company stands in success compared to others.

Check out the financial side of things

If you get the job you are interviewing for, you are going to want it to be financially stable. Research the company's sponsorships, stakeholders, or business partnerships to make an assessment. This can give you an idea of where the company is heading, which can also be useful during an interview. It would also be worth finding out the position's current salary to have a better answer if asked for your salary expectations.

Read the reviews

If the company has an app or a product involved, there are customer reviews online somewhere. Find out if the majority of consumers or users of the company are satisfied, and if not find out why. Even more helpful, find reviews of the company or employer from current or previous employees. This will give the best insight into what could be your future work environment.

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