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7 Interview Mistakes You don't realize you're Making


Slacking on your appearance!

Yes, your interview may be virtual, but think twice before rolling out of bed and turning on the camera. Even more than the potential affects of a negative appearance on employability, there are also psychological effects of dressing for the part. Studies show that "dressing for success" is more accurate than you may think. Showing up looking your best can legitimately help you to perform your best as well.


Not knowing your "why"

As expected, your interviewer asks you "why" you want the position, and how do you answer? The question sounds so simple, but your answer truly does hold value. Come prepared with the reasons that you personally would like the specific position and why you would be a good fit.


Being uneducated about the company

This one seems obvious, but a lot of employees skip over this practice with the belief that they know everything they need to know already. Being able to contribute to the conversation about the company with specifics show the interviewer that you care to do your homework on the position and company.


The "tell me about yourself"

This question is the oldest interview question in the books, and yet it still continues to trip up almost everyone. Instead of rambling on about random life stories, give the interviewer an idea of your work experience and the qualities you want them to know about yourself.


Giving an artificial "mistake"

Most interviewers will ask you about your "greatest weakness" or a time you made a big mistake at work. Some will say to give an answer that still plays to your strengths, such as "I spent too much time on projects because I'm such a perfectionist". However, your employers are going to want honest answers and understand that everyone makes mistakes, they just want to know that you can learn from them.


Talking about past employers

You will probably be asked about your past employment during an interview, of course, but avoid negatively discussing any previous bosses or employees. During a question such as "why did you leave your last job?" , it can be hard not to blame it on your terrible boss. However, your interviewer is not going to be quick to hire someone who scrutinizes or blames previous employers they know nothing about.


Blowing your first impression

When your interview is only fifteen minutes long, you don't have long to sell yourself to your interviewer. Walk in the room with with enthusiasm to be there, arrive on time (or early!), put your phone away and show the employer the confidence you have to bring to the table.

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