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10 Most Common Interview Questions

Don't arrive unprepared! Read through and practice answering the ten most common questions you will face during your interview.


Tell me about yourself

Don't just repeat your resume- have a pre-prepared statement about yourself that tells your side of the story- what you learned in these professional experiences, what you hope to achieve, etc. The goal for your answer should be to quickly summarize your professional experiences and a few things about your personal life that ideally make you more employable for their company.


Why do you want to work for us?

Even if the answer is the salary, answer with the opportunities that the position you are applying for can give you. Do your research and determine the unique opportunities that company can offer. They want to know your motives- is it the pay, location, job title, etc? Show genuine interest and excited about the company when answering this, and mention specifics about the company when doing so.


What are your greatest strengths?

It may seem uncomfortable to brag about yourself, but this is the time! Let them know your personal strengths and professional achievements you are proud of with confidence. Do your homework on the company beforehand to find out the skills they are in need of. Describe how you work and your motivation to get it done. Don't just say you're responsible- tell the interviewer how you are and give a specific example as almost "proof" of each skill.


What is your biggest weakness?

This is not the time to answer with an artificial response that subtly makes you look good- be honest with the interviewer and respond with something genuine that lets them know you are able to learn from your mistakes. Similarly, saying you can't think of any weaknesses is a red flag and could make you look dishonest. Everyone has mistakes, and that's ok. Simply be honest with them.


Tell me about a time you overcame a challenge at work.

Once again, be as transparent as possible. Similar to discussing your strengths, this question is an easy one to use to your advantage. Pick something relevant to the role you are applying for, or at least something that involves a skill that can be carried over into this new position. This will also determine what kind of workplace challenges you are used to.


How much do you know about this company?

This question is not just a test to see if you read the job description and scanned their website, this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the company's specific opportunities and show that you will add value to them if hired. They want to know they you genuinely did your research on their company because you are interested in the role you are applying for.


What has been your greatest professional achievement?

This is not the time to be humble! Telling your employers an achievement that they will remember and be impressed by can make all the difference. This will also show them the extent of your professional accomplishments, so choose wisely. If at all possible, make your achievement a task or at least a skill that could role over to the new position you are applying for.


Why did you leave your previous job?

Whether you left on a good or bad note, be honest! Stay positive and avoid talking negatively about past coworkers or management. Ensure the interviewer that the reason you left is not something that will impede on your future productivity.


What are your salary expectations?

Be honest and realistic! Give your answer in a wide range if necessary, but do not undercut yourself either. Do not bring up salary unless the interviewer asks you first. Research the average salary for the general role you are applying for.


Why should we hire you?

This question is another opportunity to boost yourself up. Be specific when communicating your strengths in relation to the company's needs, and make it clear why your previous experience and skills make you the ideal candidate for the position. Use "unique selling points" that you have to make yourself stand out.

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