Preparing for your virtual interview

Choose the correct space

Ensure that it is free of distractions, well lit, and with a good internet connection

Test your technology

Ensure that your battery is charged, choose either a phone, laptop, or ipad which you are most comfortable with

Ensure adequate time

Most video interviews will take between 15 to 30 minutes

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Candidate Tips

Frequently asked Questions

What you need to know

Before your virtual interview process begins, there will be a brief camera and audio test to make sure your device is working properly. You will then be prompted to answer three to eight questions. Each of these questions will be presented in text and you will have a video response.
  1. Start by researching the company or corporation you applied to, then prepare to speak about how your skills align with that company’s beliefs, goods, services, etc.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and tasks of the position you applied for.
  3. Prepare to talk about your professional as well as personal experiences, along with some lessons you've learned and the outcomes you've achieved.
  4. Lastly, understand the different types of interview questions and be prepared with the knowledge to answer each type of question.
  • Situational: Questions that ask what actions you would take if faced with a hypothetical situation
  • Scenarios: Questions that ask you to simulate your actions in a hypothetical scenario. (the difference between this type of question and a situational question is that you act out your answer rather than explain it)
  • Behavior: Questions that ask you to share past experiences and past challenges you have previously faced
Virtual Interviewing reduces bias by ensuring that everyone is asked the exact same questions.

Benefits of
Virtual Interviews
for Candidates

Beyond Resume

Provide information outside of previous experience and education


Ability to showcase your personality

Eliminate Bias

Everyone is asked the same questions

No Scheduling Conflicts

Login and respond at your own convinience

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